Capital is a one of a kind original. We hit it off 14 years ago when I interviewed BD’s for the securities division of High Country Bank. Capital was HCB’s BD for 5 years. We were Capitals’ first banking relationship, and I am proud of that. I called them, because we wanted a North Carolina firm. When HCB merged with Yadkin Valley, they went with Securities America, Yadkin Valley’s BD. Big surprise there and big mistake. We have the freedom to absorb all commissions for churches, charities and non profits, so that is why have the First Pres account. It is part of my giving back to this area. If you ever get tired of the big wirehouse, call Capital. 85- 90% payout, and I guarantee they offer as much if not more than Merrill. Their insurance division can do all the estate and life insurance work and will even close sales and split commissions. They helped me solve a client’s problem last month, got me licensed with the company, walked me through my first single premium whole life /LTC sale, and gave me credit for all the commission. I am just not an insurance person, but they made it easy. That kind of help is what Capital is all about. I can refer P&C and get paid, refer mortgages and get paid, and refer health insurance, LTC and retirement plans to the experts and get paid. They also have 2 in house managed money teams. I can do commission or fee based, and have accounts of both types. My biggest problem is forgetting all that Capital has to offer and referring my clients on a regular basis.

-Naomi Johnson

Hey bud. I was talking to the Met Life wholesaler yesterday and she said you all were having your annual Myrtle Beach meeting this week. I instantly yearned to be there. I just wanted to send you a serious email for once. I only spent a couple years at Capital and we accomplished some great things together. I just wanted to share some perspective now from a bohemoth’s perspective. The industry has gone through some of the roughest seas any of us could imagine. It has been a difficult year to say the least. All the “major” firms have been through and are going through a big churn. FA’s are jumping ship for all the wrong reason’s and it is evident there is no ownership there or loyalty. As I look back at my days at Capital the one overriding thing I remember is a sense of family. I know you call it the Capital family but that really is what it is, a family. At Capital you can truly build a business. You are surrounded by people who have a sense of family and ownership in something great. I remember that Buffett song, One Particular Harbor. To me that song is about home. In this economic and financial storm we have been in the past couple years, the FA’s at Capital should be glad they have a safe harbor and a home at Capital!!! Have a great celebration in Myrtle Beach!!


Gosh, where do I begin? When I came to Capital 10 years ago, I was doing $150,000 in production. Now, I am one of the top producers at Capital doing over 700,000. Why? As my practice has grown and evolved Capital has had an intuitive ability to provide the resources, products and oversight that our ever changing industry requires. This has allowed me to focus on my clients and growing my business. In fact I would say that Capital Investments has been more than just a Broker Dealer, it has been the single most important business partner of my career.

To be specific, the insurance and estate planning division has been a tremendous resource by providing top quality advanced sales support and products that truly meet my clients needs. In addition, the wealth management platform that has been created, provides just right mix of services and alternatives, with access to the appropriate go to people.
Working with Capital’s Public Relations department has provided me the opportunity to be a frequent guest on CNBC and build a successful weekly radio show. Try doing that at a larger broker/dealer.

While most broker dealers “talk” about the advantages they provide, Capital actually delivers. Capital is living proof that bigger is not necessarily better and it remains what an Independent Broker Dealer should be. Thanks
for your friendship and for the company that you have built.


As I sit here just two days before Thanksgiving, this is the time of year that consistently reminds me of how blessed I really am. A loving family, friendships old and new, good health are just a few blessings that are easily taken for granted. For me, my business unfortunately falls into this category. By this I mean, the gratitude I feel is rarely expressed or communicated as loudly or as often as it should!

I can not believe that in two months I will be celebrating the completion of my 7th year as part of the Capital family. I also can not imagine not having you as my partner helping me through these uncertain times as it pertains to our industry. The Broker/Dealer platform you started building more than 25 years ago begins with Capital’s amazing culture! A culture from the start that personifies its leader! Honesty, generosity, fairness, sympathetic, caring, hard working is what I have learned about my partner as I continue to navigate my business through this ever-changing economic environment. A skeptic at first (my personality) you verified that a man’s word is still worth something! You have also recognized the importance of surrounding yourself with great people. Looking back, this is what I remember most. A time of stress and uncertainty that comes with moving a sizable book of business, your people rose to the occasion! Helping me at every level and confirming YOUR commitment to me and my organization.

These past 7 years have awarded me the opportunity to watch the additions of many new faces that have joined this wonderful family and made the same choices I did not so long ago. I am sure that they are no different from me… they trusted, believed and followed……and now give thanks and realize how blessed they really are!

Thank you my friend!!!