Capital Investment Counsel is a money management firm dedicated to serving the specific needs of its clients through individually tailored portfolios positioned in the equity and fixed-income markets. The foundation of our firm is knowledge, integrity and experience. Patience and discipline are the key components of our investment programs.

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Capital Investment Counsel, Inc. follows a very fundamental investment program, conceived by one of the company's founders, E.O. Edgerton, Jr., and has survived the acid test in judging any investment strategy; it has demonstrated consistently over time.

Our philosophy is contrarian by nature. We do not try to predict markets. By looking for financially strong, undervalued securities and adding patience and discipline, we pinpoint those stocks and bonds which suit our investment criteria.

We acquire individual positions in publicly traded companies of all market capitalizations, while focusing on a disciplined process designed to manage risk for the investor while seeking about average returns over time.

By using some of the best research resources available, Capital Investment Counsel's portfolio approach is best designed to preserve capital and provide above average investment performance over the long run.

How we do it...

Our "5 Point" Common Sense Investment Philosophy features Tax Advantaged Investing and Multiplication of Stocks and Dividends:

  • We place emphasis on cash-rich, financially strong companies selling at historical lows, when selecting our investment positions in an effort to establish a margin of safety. This practice traditionally experience low position turnover (buys/sells) in our portfolios, which tends to keep expenses relatively low for our clients.
  • Reinvestment of dividends and interest during the year in order to "dollar cost average" into the market is our standard practice.
  • Emphasis is placed on contributions or additional savings. Additional funds can also help with "dollar cost averaging".
  • Tax efficiencies- our goal is to minimize tax liability by focusing on the long-term capital gains.
  • In cases where a current holding has increased significantly beyond the business' intrinsic value, we may elect to "multiply" our holdings by selling that position and reinvesting the proceeds in two, three or four positions for further diversification.

Investment-grade bond holdings may also complement our stock selections, in accordance with the investment objectives of the portfolio.

We manage four types of portfolios for investors: growth, growth & income, balanced and income.

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